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09:44 AM easySDI Feature #629 (Request For Comments): Compatibility with geonetwork 3.0.x
Such issue will be reassigned to SC when further technical info will be available about Geonetwork V3 compliance...
09:42 AM easySDI Feature #1271 (Accepted): Remove PostgreSQL support
SC (Xavier, Laurent, Bruno) has voted for such removal


10:42 AM easySDI Defect #1115: Constraint on resource's guid
No more news as no one is able to reproduce such behaviour.
I propose to treat such issue as an enhancement for prev...


11:22 AM easySDI Feature #842 (Accepted): Rendering Real Time data


06:55 PM easySDI Feature #1219 (Request For Votes): New component EasySDI Processing
New category "PROCESSING" added!
06:48 PM easySDI Feature #1219: New component EasySDI Processing
06:47 PM easySDI Feature #842: Rendering Real Time data


09:00 AM easySDI Defect #1222 (New): SQL installation problem for MySQL 5.7+
easySDI installation package returns SQL error when played under MySQL 5.7.x and maybe for lesser MySQL version...


11:49 AM easySDI Enhancement #1108: Default prompt and search loop in multiple choices entry
So as I understand, such problem appears only on my easySDI implementation...
Could you please confirm that I unders...
11:46 AM easySDI Defect #1115: Constraint on resource's guid
Hi Yves,
Unfortunately it's not the same origin you mention, as I encounter this problem again today without openi...

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