Properties :

  • Name : page title
  • Alias : internal identifier
  • Url : URL to view the context (with the default Joomla! template. To go further on integrated context in Joomla!, see Defining Context Links)
  • Background group : group to use as background group. This means that layers of this group will be used as base layers in the map.
  • Overlay Groups : groups to use as overlay group.
  • Default adding group : the layer adding with the "Add layer" tool will be here. If not set, the first overlay group will be used for that purpose.
  • Service : available services in this context. This list must contain all the services delivering the layers belonging to the selected groups (background and overlay).
    This list can contain additional services available for adding layer with the "Add layer" tool.
  • Default service type : when using a Proxyhost (see System_environment), you can dynamically add services in the viewer. The type of those services must be set here. Only one type by context.
  • Srs : System reference system of the map, eg : EPSG:900913
  • Unit : Unit of the map.
  • Center coordinates : Center coordinates, in the previous srs, of the map, eg : -900, 5350000
  • Max resolution : max resolution of the map, eg : 156543
  • Max extent : max extent, in the previous srs, of the map, eg : -1100000,4600000,989115,6216470
  • Root node text : optional text to overwrite the layer tree root node text. Default value is empty.
  • Map title : Title of the document to print
  • Abstract : Abstract of the document to print
  • Tools : list of the tools available in the context. No dependencies between each other.

Joomla inherited properties :

  • Access level
  • Status
  • Permissions