Component presentation

EasySDI Map consists of a geodata viewer and an administration section.

EasySDI Map Administration

As EasySDI Map is a Joomla! component, the administration section is a standard Joomla! back-end site.
The main purpose of the administration section is to define contexts.

A context consists of the contents (geoservices and layers) and of the tools available in the geodata viewer.
A context, and all of its constituting elements, are subject to access level restrictions.

With the combination of context definition and access level restrictions, you can build a powerfull geodata viewer with a very fine-tune user access management.

EasySDI Map Geodata viewer

EasySDI Map Geodata viewer is built on several javascript libraries :

- OpenLayers
- ExtJS
- GeoExt
- OpenGeo Suite SDK

The purpose of using this libraries combination is to give the best user experience.

UI-map.png (50.8 KB) Van Hoecke Hélène , 01/03/2013 03:12 PM