Shop configuration

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easySDI shop offers two main features:

  • Download : You can offer to providers to upload files that will be available by direct download
    • 3 different types of upload/download offered:
      • One file per resource/version: uploaded on easySDI platform
      • One file per resource/version : by remote URL
      • Many files per resource/version : using a map to choose which file to download
    • Download access can be limited to users/organisms of organisms categories
  • Extraction : You can offer to:
    • Put a product (resource/version) in a basket
    • Define properties for each product (like file format, projection... administrator can edit the properties available, and suppliers choose the ones the want)
    • Define a perimeter for the order
    • Define pricing for product, and see the total in the basket (v4.3+)
    • Save an order as a draft
    • Ask for estimate
    • Notifiy suppliers when order are placed
    • Restrict access on products to users/organisms of organisms categories


Minimal requirements for easySDI SHOP to run are:
  • For download and extraction:
    • A functional easySDI CATALOG with at least one resource type with "Diffusion enabled"
      • How to configure easySDI CATALOG: Catalog Configuration
      • To enable Diffusion on a ressource type go to: Components/EasySDI/Catalog/Resource types , edit the resource type you want to be "orderable" and toggle diffusion to "YES"
      • Create at least one resource of the type you enabled "Diffusion"
  • For extraction
    • A functional easySDI MAP
      • How to configure easySDI MAP: Map Configuration
      • TIP: configure a specific map for your SHOP, because you'll certainly want specific tools in this map that don't belongs in other maps or vice versa.
      • TIP: pay attention to the "Proxyhost" section, as MAP features used by SHOP needs features not offered by default php proxy

Back-end configuration

Global configuration

  • In Components/EasySDI/Shop click "Options" on the top right
    • Edit those fields according to your needs
      Note: all fields are mandatory. If you only use download features, you can keep default or dummy values for extraction
      • Maximum size of the file to upload (MB) : [extraction and download] this is the max size that a provider can upload
      • Folder to store uploaded diffusion package : [download]: choose the folder where packaged data for download will be stored (securize this folder with an htaccess)
      • Folder to store uploaded data for integration purpose : if you have an integration system, this is where file will be uploaded to (securize this folder with an htaccess)
      • Map context for the basket : [extraction] the easySDI MAP you created for the shop
      • Global extraction user : [extraction] this is the user that will have access to the WPS service (v4.0+) or extractionInterface (v4.3+)
        • This user will have access to ALL order (in sent status) of ALL providers
        • To give access to the service to a specific organism (with only it's products): set it in Contact/Organisms
      • Folder to store the uploaded order responses : [extraction] Files containing order's response data files will be uploaded here (securize this folder with an htaccess)
      • Archive order every (days) : [extraction] (v4.0 - 4.2) Number of days before an completed order gets archived (response file is still available)
      • Historize order every (days) : [extraction] (v4.0 - 4.2) Number of days before an completed order gets historized (response file is deleted)
      • Order response file retention (days) : [extraction] (v4.3+) Number of days before response file is deleted, so status change
      • Surface display precision : [extraction] Number of digits to show in fractional
      • Maximum value to display in meters : [extraction]
      • Terms of use : [extraction and download] URL to point to for terms and condition, can be absolute or relative and point to pages or documents
      • Basket footer message : [extraction]

Don't forget to securize folders defined here with an .htaccess to restrict access to files stored in these directories :

Options -Indexes
deny from all

Users, organims, roles


Perimeters [Extraction only]

Perimeters must be defined in backend by the administrator, then diffusion managers can use them on diffusions (products).
There is 3 types of perimeters that can be used:

Free perimeter

Free perimeter is a user definable polygon (only one, no multi-polygon, no donuts). Can be defined by:
  • Polygon tool (add points, move points, divide segments)
  • Rectangle tool (clig and drag rectangle, then rotate)
  • Points imports (CSV style list of points in the CRS of the map)

User perimeter

Is an administrator defined perimter in WKT specific to the user.
Can be used to create an order (=polygon), or limit the selection of entities in the basket perimter (see: Custom entities perimeter).

Custom entities perimeter

States, districts, parcels any boundary/objects you want an order to be defined by.
Are defined by a WMS layer + a WFS service.
Geometries are not stored, only the identifiers and names are stored and provider to supplier by web services.

Properties [Extraction only]

Administrator can define multiple properties (and values) in backend, for example a property 'format' which contains 'DXF', 'Shape' and 'MIF/MID'.
The administrator can chose if the property is mandatory for the final client.
Properties and values are multilingual.

Then in front end, a diffusion manager can set this property on a diffusion (a product) and chose which values can be used.
The final client (user who pass the order) can set the property at the time of adding the product in his basket.

Properties types

  • List (predefined values in BE)
  • Multiselect list (predefined values in BE)
  • Checkbox (predefined values in BE)
  • Text (= free text, one line)
  • Textarea (= free text, multiple lines)
  • Message (readonly text)

Restricting access to a list of providers


Pricing (v4.3+) [Extraction only]


SHOP emails customization (v4.4+)

Front-end : supplier

Configuring a product



Restrict access



Restrict access

Get notified of orders

Get your product's order by web services, for extraction automation

Front-end : client

Order process

Add to basket

Set perimeter

Save as a draft

Ask for estimate

Place order

Get your files