4 report engine

The reporting tool can display multiple metadata preview. It also allows you to choose various options like format or lastversion.

In easySDI v2 we have an url like this : /index.php?option=com_easysdi_catalog&task=getReport&metadatatype=layer&reporttype=complete&metadata_guid[]=509c52ba-4511-4524-84a7-d731c03a14f8&language=german&lastVersion=yes&format=xhtml&context=geocatalog

The new URL look like this: ?option=com_easysdi_catalog&view=report&tmpl=component&preview=editor&type=complete&catalog=geocatalog&guid[]=c2b3e38d-144a-4ed0-baa1-b6ff52784337&guid[]=0933ff85-3bf4-4c5e-ab09-9e673b1bac59&mime=pdf

Below is a complete list of parameters.
guid[] | required | one or many matadata guid
type | optional (default: complete) | type of report (complete | core)
lang | optional (default : user language) | language of report (ex: fr-FR, de-DE, etc..)
catalog |optional | catalog name for link building. (ex: geocatalog)
preview | optional (default: public) | possible value : editor, public, map
lastVersion | optional (default: false) | if is true, the last version of each metadata will be use. (0|1)
mime | optional (default : xhtml) | the report format. (pdf, xml, xhtml)