Monitor configuration

Go to the Joomla! admin panel, choose Components-> EasySDI -> Monitor -> Options and enter the new key:
MONITOR_URL -> http://{Server}/Monitor
For example: http://Admin:adm@localhost:8080/Monitor

If you do not give the username/password to the servlet, Monitor will prompt you credentials the first time you try to access a protected ressource. Be aware of one thing: if your Joomla directory is protected by a .htaccess file that is configured to prompt credentials, then you will have to add the Monitor credentials to the valid-user in the .htpasswd file.

Then you can access the Monitor admin panel Components -> EasySDI -> Monitor and start monitoring webservices.

Frontend plugin

The goal of this plugin is to show the status of a job (monitored OGC services) in your Joomla! frontend.

You have to activate the plugin (admin panel -> Extensions > Plugins).

Display the plugin in the frontend

You can use this Joomla Plugin by inserting this code into your articles:

{sdimonitor job=your-job-id}

You only have to provide the job id to init the plugin and it will show an image for the current job status.