Development Cycle

  1. Branch Checkouting
    Checkout the Branch of the version on which you want work.
  2. Sandbox Creation
    Create a sandbox in your Personal Folder with the same name as the Branch
  3. Project Compilation
    Compile easySDI, proxy and monitor running build.bat (in the root directory)
  4. Local Deployment
    Install easySDI in Joomla and deploy proxy and monitor in Tomcat
  5. Feature Development
    Develop what you want
  6. Commit in your Sandbox
    You can do as many commit as you want
    Note: please comment correctly your commit (eg referencing the issue number)
  7. Merge from Branch to Sandbox and resolved conflicts
    Once conflicts are resolved, you have to test your change
  8. Send a Pull-Request to
    Send a mail to or ; you should indicate the path to your sandbox and the issue concerned by your change.
  9. Integration by Depth who notify all developers
    Once did the integration, you will be notify in the section
  10. all developer Merge from Branch to Sandbox
    Once you read the Announce, all developers should merge again the Branch into their Sandbox