BIRT reports

BIRT reports are not supported anymore (easySDI >= 4.4.0), this article is kept for archive. You can customize PDF reports in Dashboard backend options now.

  • To use BIRT reports in Dasboard components you need to deploy a BIRT Viewer Webapp:
    • Download : here [runtime] (tested version : 4.3.1)
    • Extract the .war file from the .zip archive
    • Deployment procedure: here
  • Once BIRT Viewer is deployed, you can add EasySDI birt .rptdesign file
    • Download json_2columns.rptdesign
      • This file is a basic report created to use Json from EasySDI dashboard
      • You can customize it with BIRT Report Designer
    • Copy to <Apache_Tomcat_Root>\webapps\birt\json_2columns.rptdesign
  • You can now configure DASHBOARD to use reporting

json_2columns.rptdesign - BIRT rptdesign for easysdi dashboard - json source - 2columns (9.41 KB) Blatti Yves, 03/21/2014 04:25 PM