easySDI 3.x documentation


1. EasySDI client installation

EasySDI client has "a one click" installation process via a Joomla! package installer.

  • Apache server + php
  • MySQL
  • php CURL extension
  • Joomla! 2.5

Package installation

2. EasySDI server installation

  • Tomcat

Proxy : see http://forge.easysdi.org/projects/proxy/wiki

3. Third-party softwares installation

EasySDI makes best use of third-party softwares and can be used in combination with any OGC compliant application.
It is usally installed with following well-known solutions :

For example, others softwares such as Mapserver , ArcGIS for Server , Deegree ,... could be used as well.

Administrators guide

See http://docs.joomla.org/ for Joomla! common configuration informations.

Users guide

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