easySDI: easySDI 4.0.1 released

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 6 years ago

easySDI 4.0.1 is a maintenance release available for download.
You can review the list of changes in the roadmap.

easySDI: easySDI V4 in trunk

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 6 years ago

easySDI V4 is now available in stable release and define the new trunk architecture.
Developers, you can already access it through svn (see

Official news will follow in a few days, but some explanations of what is behind this new version are available at

Thank you to every participant who have contributed of this great new easySDI version!

easySDI: IMPORTANT! Accounting users MUST redefine their password!

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 8 years ago

Afetr EasySDI forge upgrade of 16th of March 2012, users won't be able to connect the first time with their current password.
This one must be captured again through Lost password functionality.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

easySDI: EasySDI forge upgrade (1 comment)

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 8 years ago

EasySDI forge ( will be upgraded to the latest stable version of Redmine the 16th of March 2012.
The forge will be down during this maintenance all day long, so please don't try to use it.
A message will be added to this news when EasySDI forge will be up again.

Thanks for your understanding.

easySDI: SVN reorganization (2 comments)

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 8 years ago

EasySDI Subversion repository has been reorganized the 3rd of February 2012.
These task has been realized between revision #4104 (first step) and revision #4581 (last step).

So, developers are invited to update their local copy of EasySDI source code before future commits!

Don't hesitate to post any message on the forum if you encounter any problem about new repository code content.


easySDI: EasySDI Hosting maintenance

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 9 years ago

Some maintenance on hosted EasySDI servers will be conducted next Friday 22th of April 2011 until Sunday 24th of April 2011.

During this maintenance, all project's web ressources will be available only in read-only mode:

Thanks for your comprehension.

easySDI: New call of feed-back about MONITOR

Added by Magoni Bruno almost 9 years ago

A call of feed-back is open now about new MONITOR evolutions proposed by National Cadastre and Survey of Denmark (NSCD).
Please feel free to add your own notes inside the current opened issues in state "Call of feed-back".
Thanks to everyone to keep in mind theses rules during the call of feed-back process:
  • don't change state of issues nor assign it to anyone else than the project's manager (Bruno Magoni)
  • don't add new issue; potential new issues will be discussed inside current opened ones and created if needed by project's manager

The project's manager will close, in about one week month, the call of feed-back and assign resulting tasks in accord with the sponsor NSCD and EasySDI Steering Committee.

Thanks to all for your contribution!

easySDI: EasySDI MONITOR 1.0 beta just released

Added by Mérour Xavier over 9 years ago

MONITOR gives you the opportunity to check the availability and performance of your OGC web services. Supported OGC services are : WMS (1.0.0 and 1.1.1), WFS (1.0.0), WMTS (1.0.0) and CSW (2.0.2).

This release includes the following functionalities :
- Testing OGC services availability and performance with standards or definable OGC requests
- Web 2.0 administration interface (ExtJS)integrated in Joomla!
- Reports on scores/health for each tested service (batch mode)
- Warning via email or RSS according to treshold values (timeout) or errors (HTTP errors or OGC exceptions)
- RESTful web API for configuration and queries on logs

Two running modes available :
- real-time test (users can ask the MONITOR to perform real time tests and to immediately return the results)
- batch mode (MONITOR performs daily tests according to given parameters and users can ask for saved results)

This is a beta version, therefore any feedback will be appreciated and will be used to fix bugs before releasing version 1.0 (planned for the coming weeks). Installation und configuration documentation are also available (see below)
And of course, please feel free to use the forge or this forum to ask for help !

Documentation :
Installation files :
Report bugs :

The EasySDI steering committee

easySDI: Documentation update

Added by Mérour Xavier over 9 years ago

PROXY documentation has just been updated with release 1.6.4. (see here)
If necessary, please feel free to ask questions in the forums.

easySDI: Ready to use installers for EasySDI MAP

Added by Magoni Bruno over 9 years ago

Installers for EasySDI MAP v1 are now up to date into the forge.
It was waiting about the initial release of caching mechanism to speed up maps display.
Documentation will follow...

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