Feature #642

Updated by Magoni Bruno over 5 years ago

Add categories for organism for differents purposes (access restriction for categories, price calculation in the basket,...).

* in the backend

>> add a new entry under CONTACT called "categories" with attributes : name and alias of categorie
>> add in "organism" in the first tab "organism edition" a multiselect (0 - n) to attach the organism to 0 or n categories
>> add a filter "categories" in the organism page. Since the organism can belong to multi-categories, the filter should, if possible, a multiselect type.
>> in the backend SERVICE, in "policies", add in access scope the organism categories (today : public, by user, by organism)

* in the frontend

>> all access scope (ressource, diffusion...) should have categories available (today : public, by user, by organism)

* other impacts :

>> the categories should be added in the SHOP webservice (in XML) for the client or the third party.