Feature #805

New stereotype : Pricing

Added by Blatti Yves over 5 years ago.

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Since pricing will be extended (#643) to add pricing profile, it would be great to have a stereotype to fill pricing informations in iso or custom fields in metadata.

  • that would include automatic fields:
    • Is it free, fee (pricing unknown) or with a pricing profile.
    • If with a profile:
      • the detail of the profile applied to the product (liked to version) (Base fee, surface fee, min price and max price)
      • category discounts from profile
      • provider taxes (per order)
      • provider discounts
      • platform taxes (per order)
  • a free text field : to add informations in metadata about special conditions etc...

Same question as in #800 applies: is it stored at edit time, or injected by java proxy ?
(Should clearly be the second option, as a profile could be used for may products)

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