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New stereotype : Resource name

Added by Blatti Yves over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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We'd like to avoid our providers to set the name of a resource multiple times: like in resource, then again in metadata.
We propose a new metadata stereotype that place the resource name in MD content. We see two different logic for doing this:

  • 1) Get and store name when editing *
    This certainly is easier version, when a metadata is edited, the stereotype loads the resource name, and place it XML according to relations.
    - Problem: if a resource is renamed, the metadata will by unsynced, or we have to update the metadata in any way...
  • 2) Use proxy *
    This one is trickier but more robust. On metadata edition, the stereotype place a special easySDI tag in proper place in XML. The name is not stored, but the proxy replaces the tag by the resource name on the fly when accessing the metadata.

Problem in any cases: I think that the resource name is not multi-lingual, so this stereotype would be usable in single language environments.


#1 Updated by Magoni Bruno over 5 years ago

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#2 Updated by Blatti Yves over 5 years ago

Solution 2 cannot be chosen because value (title) would not be saved in metadata, and then indexation and search wont work on this field.
Solution 1 introduces other problems: how do we manage a change in name? Or an external CSW update? Alternative is to use this as a default value only.

this solution has to be inspected before any decision can be taken.

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