Enhancement #1392

Remove "fee without profile"

Added by Blatti Yves about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Status:AcceptedStart date:01/03/2017
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Sponsor: Ergonomic impact:

Every basket will have a defined price, large improvement for end users.

Functional impact:

Remove the ability to have "opaque" prices in basket.


Pricing has been fully implemented in easySDI (#643), we can now describe the price of a product by:
  • free
  • paid (fee with a pricing profile)
    • by surface
    • by fixed base price
    • with min/max
    • any combination of the above
    • +free for categories
    • +special rebates
  • paid (fee without a pricing profile)
    • this was the previous way of having a paid product, the user cannot know the price if the basket
    • the user must ask for an estimate if he want to ensure the price before ordering
    • providers must manage the estimate workflow (human or via webservice)

We propose to remove the "fee without a pricing profile" pricing method
Why ?

  • No use
    • At ASIT VD we were the last know users of this pricing method
    • Our providers have now moved to the "pricing profile" method for all the products
  • easySDI would offer a finite/known basket price for every order if we remove the feature
  • Large simplification in code and apprehension of the application
    • No more estimate ! Every basket has a price
    • No more special cases in code for MCV and Web Services


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Accepted by TC.

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