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1471easySDIDefectResolvedNormalBrowsers try to autocomplete REST extraction account user and password in BE, disable autocomplete Blatti YvesBlatti Yves01/09/2019 08:58 AMCONTACT4.5.1
1470easySDIDefectResolvedNormalUnable to publish/unpublish/trash/archive on Joomla! 3.9.1Blatti YvesBlatti Yves01/09/2019 08:57 AMCORE4.5.1
1469easySDIDefectAffectedNormalBugfix pack for EXTRACTBlatti YvesBlatti Yves11/20/2018 04:51 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1468easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalUpdating third-party librariesBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:42 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1467easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalSupport for IN and NOT IN operators in the rulesBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:40 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1466easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalAdded parameter documentation for FME connectorBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:36 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1465easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormal"Email notification" taskBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:32 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1464easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalDisplay EXTRACT version + link to easysdi.orgBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:26 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1463easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalLink to archived fileBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:24 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1462easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalManage an incorrect perimeter inputBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:20 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1461easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalConfigurable mapBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 04:21 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1460easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalCancel pluginBlatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 03:27 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1459easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalAdd the possibility to modify files (before export)Blatti YvesTechnical Committee11/20/2018 03:20 PMEXTRACT4.5.1
1456easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalLeaflet : GetFeatureInfo on proxy service doesn't workPortier ThomasVan Hoecke Hélène 12/05/2018 10:50 AMMAP4.5.1
1455easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalCan't save WMTS layer since JOOMLA 3.8.12Portier ThomasVan Hoecke Hélène 12/05/2018 10:50 AMMAP4.5.1
1454easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalThe "Add layer" tool in leaflet map is brokenPortier ThomasVan Hoecke Hélène 11/26/2018 11:24 AMMAP4.5.1
1453easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalAdd tools to leaflet mapPortier ThomasVan Hoecke Hélène 11/26/2018 11:30 AMMAP4.5.1
1451easySDIDefectAffectedNormalMétadata réplication: dernière version disponibleVan Hoecke Hélène Van Hoecke Hélène 04/06/2018 01:36 PMCATALOG4.3.16
1435easySDIEnhancementAffectedNormalAdd the ability to include a XSL for exportPortier ThomasPortier Thomas12/05/2018 02:15 PMCATALOG
1434easySDIEnhancementNewNormalAdd a class to the "action" div in metadata formPortier ThomasPortier Thomas08/04/2017 03:42 PMCATALOG
1403easySDIDefectAffectedNormalMissing instance in metadata edition formVan Hoecke Hélène Battaglia Marc02/17/2017 09:47 AMCATALOG4.3.9
1392easySDIEnhancementAcceptedLowRemove "fee without profile"Blatti YvesBlatti Yves01/06/2017 10:28 AMSHOP
1389easySDIDefectAffectedNormalResponse time in BE can be wrongBlatti YvesBlatti Yves12/13/2016 10:17 AMSHOP
1374easySDIEnhancementNewLowMultilanguage "Terms of Use"Schaer Peter10/17/2016 03:52 PMSHOP
1373easySDIEnhancementNewNormalEdition form: the fields have to be widerArnaud RaphaëlleArnaud Raphaëlle11/04/2016 12:09 PMCATALOG

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