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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version
1444easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalImprove getfeature on leafletPortier ThomasTechnical Committee10/26/2017 11:04 AMMAP
1443easySDIEnhancementRequest For CommentsNormalAdd the ability to select default background for a map contextPortier ThomasTechnical Committee10/26/2017 10:59 AMMAP
1442easySDIEnhancementTo mergeNormalSQL slowdowns on Shop > RequestsBubloz IvanBubloz Ivan11/06/2017 11:24 AMSHOP4.4.5
1441easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalSQL slowdowns on Shop > OrdersBubloz IvanBubloz Ivan11/06/2017 11:25 AMSHOP4.4.5
1440easySDIFeatureRequest For VotesNormalNew tool : EasySDI EXTRACTBlatti YvesVan Hoecke Hélène 10/20/2017 04:54 PMEXTRACT
1439easySDIEnhancementTo mergeNormalAdd time stats to topextractions + add organisms details link to topdownloadsBubloz IvanBubloz Ivan11/06/2017 11:25 AMDASHBOARD4.4.5
1438easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalText and textarea product property values are not exposed by REST WSBlatti YvesVan Hoecke Hélène 08/31/2017 02:02 PMSHOP4.4.5
1437easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalWhen having > 2 diffusions in basket and removing one, perimeters are duplicated.Blatti YvesVan Hoecke Hélène 08/04/2017 04:54 PMSHOP4.4.5
1436easySDIDefectResolvedNormalChange Crowdin Url in continuous integrationBattaglia MarcBattaglia Marc07/17/2017 11:21 AMUnplanned
1435easySDIEnhancementAffectedNormalAdd the ability to include a XSL for exportPortier ThomasPortier Thomas10/26/2017 10:35 AMCATALOG4.4.5
1434easySDIEnhancementNewNormalAdd a class to the "action" div in metadata formPortier ThomasPortier Thomas08/04/2017 03:42 PMCATALOG
1433easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalRules on resource type bugPortier ThomasPortier Thomas07/05/2017 08:46 AMCATALOG4.4.5
1432easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalonchange is case sensitive since 3.7.x for calendarBlatti YvesVan Hoecke Hélène 07/02/2017 06:05 PMSHOP4.4.5
1431easySDIDefectTo mergeNormalnon existing index in dashboard (PHP warning)Blatti YvesVan Hoecke Hélène 07/02/2017 06:04 PMSHOP4.4.5
1403easySDIDefectAffectedNormalMissing instance in metadata edition formVan Hoecke Hélène Battaglia Marc02/17/2017 09:47 AMCATALOG4.3.9
1392easySDIEnhancementAcceptedLowRemove "fee without profile"Blatti YvesBlatti Yves01/06/2017 10:28 AMSHOP
1389easySDIDefectAffectedNormalResponse time in BE can be wrongBlatti YvesBlatti Yves12/13/2016 10:17 AMSHOP
1374easySDIEnhancementNewLowMultilanguage "Terms of Use"Schaer Peter10/17/2016 03:52 PMSHOP
1373easySDIEnhancementNewNormalEdition form: the fields have to be widerArnaud RaphaëlleArnaud Raphaëlle11/04/2016 12:09 PMCATALOG
1366easySDIDefectAffectedNormalFor J3.6.x : TooltipsBlatti YvesBlatti Yves08/09/2016 08:50 AMCORE
1361easySDIDefectNewNormalMix-up between predefined extent name and translationVan Hoecke Hélène 09/26/2016 09:50 AM
1359easySDIDefectAffectedNormalUpdates to Google Maps APIs Standard Plan Van Hoecke Hélène Portier Thomas09/02/2016 10:10 AMMAP
1354easySDIDefectAffectedNormalCardinality between resourcesVan Hoecke Hélène Van Hoecke Hélène 07/04/2016 10:16 AMCATALOGUnplanned
1350easySDIDefectNewNormalMonitor : grid edit does not workBlatti Yves06/24/2016 03:08 PMMONITOR
1338easySDIDefectNewNormalPublish metadata from the resource listVan Hoecke Hélène 06/10/2016 11:21 AM

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