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Added by bad momo over 4 years ago

I had installed easySDI 4 on joomla 3, but after configuring a new WMS service and a map
nothing is dislayed in the map view.

the same problème occure when i tried EasySDI v3 with joomla 2.5.

thank you for help

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RE: MAP v4 - Added by Blatti Yves over 4 years ago

Hi !

I'm not expert in MAP component but, may be I can help you.
First, I would advice to focus on v4, cause v3 will not evolve in the future.

For your map:
- Do you use physical services? Or virtual services (with easySDI java proxy + access policies) ?
- Is your WMS secured ? If yes: By SSL (https) ? By authentication ?
- Is your WMS local (same server) or remote ?
- Have you tried a browser debugger (ctrl+shift+i or firebug) and looked at the network, it may show you errors from WMS (bad request, bad projection, authentication any thing like this...), or console (javascript) errors (misconfiguration, bug, something missing... )
- Is your MAP visible online (and I could have a look at it), on only local?

RE: MAP v4 - Added by bad momo over 4 years ago

thank you for help.

I vchecked the javascript console and i find and error "undefined default projection".

the defaults for EasySDI do not include the projection of the layer i tried to display.

i tried with a other layer that has EPSG:4326 projetction and all work nicely.

best regards.