WCS service

Added by Frankowski Piotr over 5 years ago


I would like to add support for WCS services. I was trying to use wfs or wms proxy servlets, but it dosen't work. So I think to decompile whole project and write some classes. Anyone was trying to decompile, or has better sollution?

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RE: WCS service - Added by Magoni Bruno over 5 years ago


It would be great if WCS restrictions are added to the PROXY.
For now it's quite normal that proxied services like WMS or WFS doesn't work for WCS as PROXY must possess a specific WCS connector...which should be added as new feature.

Instead of decompiling the binary code, just recover the source code under svn://www.easysdi.org/easysdi with login guest/guest. You can then work on it, adding the WCS feature.
To facilitate integration of your code, please post a new feature issue (https://forge.easysdi.org/projects/easysdi/issues/new) and describe the work you propose to do.

Just be aware that a new V4 will be out in a few weeks; this new version of easySDI is compliant with Joomla 3.x
Such new version is already available as release candidate (see https://forge.easysdi.org/projects/easysdi/repository/show/tags/4.0.0-rc-5)