CSW authentification

Added by Galiay Clément over 8 years ago

I have some questions regarding the CSWProxyServlet and how to configure it.

In Proxy V1 we had the ability to configure the URL of each Geonetwork service (login, insert, delete, and search), but in Proxy V2 the only "Geonetwork-specific" URL that remains is the login service one. Is it because the other services are deprecated and the insert/delete/search requests can be achieved through the main URL (geonetwork/srv/en/csw) ?

I guess this question is related to my main problem : I have installed the Catalog V2 and I have successfully edited a metadata model. Everything seems to be all right until I try to create a new Object : filling the form is ok and, when I submit it, the browser is redirected to the Object management page but my brand new object is obviously not here...
After some investigation, the proxy requests log indicates a 401 error ("POST /proxy/ogc/geonetwork_csw HTTP/1.1" 401). So I guess I have messed up with the proxy configuration, but I can't find out how :
  • I have filled the login/password fields next to the geonetwork URL
  • I have filled the login service url (sommething like : htp://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/en/xml.user.login?username=admini&password=admin).

Any idea ?

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RE: CSW authentification - Added by Magoni Bruno over 8 years ago

Hello Clément,

Your assumption is right about geonetwork authentication mechanism; EasySDI V2 is able to refer to the main geonetwork's authentication mechanism which works for any further transaction request (insert, update, delete).

Default geonetwork' username is admin (and not "admini" as filled in your sample).
As I know, you have recovered a mysql dump of another CATALOG; may be you have to check if EasySDI CORE service account and non authenticated service account is attached to an existing EasySD & Joomla account...

Hope it will help you...

RE: CSW authentification - Added by Galiay Clément over 8 years ago

It sure did help.

I searched a bit what the sevice account could be used for and, after a little bit of tracing, I found where the misconfiguration was : our PROXY services authenticate against a Joomla! database but our CATALOG uses another database. And, of course, the CORE service account (that is used to authenticate to the PROXY) did not exist in the PROXY authentication db...

Now that the CORE service account Joomla! account also exists in the PROXY authentication database, things go way much better !