Can't submit upload file for difusion

Added by BRUNET Clément almost 4 years ago


I'm really glad to post the first message in this topic !!

When i upload my zip file in accordance with my ressource, then, I can't submit.

Save or Save and close buttons are both without effect.

In my Js console, i can read :


coming from the Js included in the :
index.php/component/easysdi_shop/?view=diffusion&layout=edit line 105 i.e :

js('#adminForm').submit(function(event) { console.log('here');return false;
if (js('#jform_deposit').val() != '') {

It seems you didn't clean up your room little rascal !!!

see you.

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RE: Can't submit upload file for difusion - Added by Blatti Yves almost 4 years ago

Hi Clément, thanks for you report.

First time using easySDI SHOP ?

This has been patched some time ago, but there was no release in the meantime.

You can (choose one) :
  • Wait for 4.3.2 release (soon)
  • Build the current 4.3.x branch from source
  • Patch it with your magic JS fingers (but i guess you already did it)